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Grab a DotScot Domain on Burns Night

Posted by Calico UK - 15:01 on 25 January 2018

DotScot, the organisation behind the .scot domain names, is still running a discount promotion for first time registrations until the end of the month. With today being Burns Night, we thought we'd look at which Burns themed domains are still available.

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Website Security Advisory Update

Posted by Calico UK - 00:09 on 22 January 2018

Hosting a website is like a swan swimming on a lake - on the surface everything is smooth, but in reality there's an awful lot of activity going on underneath to maintain the grace that everyone sees.  This is especially true of the security side of hosting. Everyone expects their site to faithfully serve up web pages, but most never give a second thought to what's needed behind the scenes to keep ne'er-do-wells (aka hackers) from getting into the site, taking control, and using the site for their own purposes. 

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Special Offer on .SCOT Domain Name Registrations

Posted by Calico UK - 11:00 on 11 December 2017

Although we've seen a seen a good uptake on domain names ending in .scot since their inception in 2014, we've also noticed that some people have been put off by the price, which is slightly higher than other common domains. For the next two months, you can register a .scot domain with us for £20 + VAT instead of the normal £40 + VAT. The discount is for the first year only, but we're hoping that if there's a high enough uptake then the renewal costs will come down permanently for next year.

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Password Advisory Update

Posted by Calico UK - 15:15 on 01 September 2017

Recent news has highlighted just how insecure and vulnerable to leaking our login details can be. If you use the same password across several sites you should be especially worried because that would mean that once the details are leaked for one site, they're leaked for all sites.

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Right of Registration - Free .uk Domain Offer

Posted by Calico UK - 14:30 on 24 August 2017

Did you know there could be a .uk domain name waiting for you? If you registered a domain prior to June 2014, you are entitled to register the equivalent .uk domain too - but only for a limited time. (If you registered a, or domain you may be entitled too.)

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