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Free .UK Domains - Right of Registration is Back!

Posted by Calico UK - 09:30 on 14 January 2019

If you registered a domain prior to June 2014, for a short time you are entitled to register the equivalent .uk domain too. (If you registered a, or domain you may be entitled too.) After 10 June 2019 any unclaimed .uk domain endings will be released into the public domain. But you can get a free year's use of your domain NOW!

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Don't Fall Foul of Google's Changes - Executive Magazine Dec 2018

Posted by Calico UK - 10:25 on 14 December 2018

Cyber security isn't exciting, it isn't sexy, but it's important! When Google makes changes to their algorithms and protocols, people have to sit up and listen or risk losing their search engine placings, their online reputation and ultimately customer visits and sales. That's what's happening now to websites that don't support HTTPS.

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Advisory Regarding Scam Emails

Posted by Calico UK - 12:00 on 26 September 2018 | 4 comments

We've recently been contacted by customers who've received emails from ransomers saying that your accounts have been hacked, that they've infected your PC, that you've been caught doing this or that on webcam, that they've accessed your social media accounts, and that you need to pay up or else the webcam footage will be made public. This sort of scam has been around for years. However the latest emails add a new twist of authenticity by appearing to come from your own email address and by including what they say is your password.

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Go Global this Scottish International Week #SIW18

Posted by Calico UK - 15:55 on 18 September 2018

Scottish International Week 2018 (SIW18) kicked off yesterday with events both around Scotland and at strategic cities overseas (Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Manila, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Singapore). One of the key points of each of the events is to get across the message that being "Scottish" is a competitive advantage when working internationally.

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Reasons for Adding an SSL Certificate to Your Website

Posted by Calico UK - 15:51 on 29 August 2018

When someone connects to your website using the http protocol everything they type, and everything the website sends to them, is in plain text so anyone can potentially listen into the web conversation. This is especially important if they are logging into the Internet using a public WiFi system such as an Internet cafe, or a free coffee bar WiFi. The https protocol prevents their communication being so visible. With https, a secure, encrypted connection is made from their PC through to the website, which no-one can intercept or eavesdrop.

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