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Calico UK Services Overhaul

Posted by Calico UK - 12:00 on 01 December 2016

The past few weeks have found us busy rationalising some of our hosting packages. There have been several drivers behind this activity. Some customer feedback suggested that we had too many levels in our Linux service, so we've grouped the levels together to reduce the number. 

We were also aware that our mail services could be too restrictive and we needed to provide larger quotas to match the changes in the way we all use email. To achieve this, we've had to migrate customers from their existing mail servers to newer ones. We started this process in September and will continue through out the coming months.

Another driver is the cost of providing the services - Over the past 10 years we've been absorbing rising base costs (for example, we were recently presented with a 22% increase in one of the larger services we use) but have now reached the point where we can no longer do this. So we've introduced a modest increase in the charges for some of our services, but part of the rationalisation process has meant that a lots of the hosting packages will now cost less, which I'm sure will be a pleasant surprise to some users.

So, the Linux service is now reduced to just four levels (including the first standard domain registration):

Linux Service Quota Monthly Bandwidth Cost(*)
Introductory level 100MB 2GB £57
500MB 500MB Unlimited £95
1000MB 1000MB Unlimited £175
2000MB 2000MB Unlimited £335
For the Basicali service, we've expanded the mail service:
Basicali Service Web quota Mail Quota Cost(*)
  50MB 1GB £30

(*) Prices are per annum, exclude VAT, but include the cost of registration for non-premium domain endings. Mail accounts include unlimited number of mailboxes, forwarders, etc. 

If you'd like to discuss any of these changes, please contact our team.

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