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Supercali Windows

Advanced web, email and domain hosting

The SuperCali Windows service is aimed at websites that need a lot of bandwidth and a lot of webspace.

SuperCali Windows features a unique combination of advanced Windows 2008 web hosting, five individual mailboxes (plus a catchall) and high monthly bandwidth allowance. You can upgrade your package at any time by adding further webspace/bandwidth or mailboxes. For further details, see below:


Advanced web hosting features

  • CGI, Perl, ASP,
  • ODBC/Access DSN and DSN-less database integration
  • Unlimited FTP access for website administration

Advanced email hosting features

  • Individual password protected 10MB mailboxes
  • Authenticated SMTP, POP3, IMAP and webmail access
  • Webmail control panel for each mailbox
  • Additional 'catchall' service
  • Master control panel for domain owner to add, delete and modify mail accounts
  • Clam-AV Anti-virus protection with regular virus definition updates
  • Basic user configurable spam filters
  • Optional advanced anti-spam filtering service with regular spam definition updates
  • Check and retrieve mail from other external POP mail accounts
  • Autoforward and autoreplies 

Advanced web hosting platform

  • Windows 2008 servers running IIS7 webservers
  • Full daily site backups
  • High speed network connections and routing to serve your site on the fastest possible route

Advanced mail hosting platform

  • SCSI Raid disk arrays to protect your mail plus full daily backups

You will need to register or transfer a domain name for use with your SuperCali Windows package. Domains linked with SuperCali packages are offered at the special rate of £15 + VAT per annum. Further domains can be added to your SuperCali Windows package allowing your website to have multiple identities (eg and Each additional domain is charged at £15 + VAT per annum.*

Further mailboxes can be added to any SuperCali Windows package in blocks of 5. These are charged at £24 + VAT per annum per block of 5.

More webspace(MB) and bandwidth(GB) can be added to your package. Each block of 100MB/2GB is charged at £36 + VAT per annum.

Bandwidth usage is measured at GB per month.

* Excluding premium domains.

.scot Domain Registrations

Register your .scot domain name via Calico UK. With services starting from £40 pa plus VAT you can show your Scottish presence online.

WordPress with Supercali Linux

If you want to use WordPress for your content management system, let us know and we can pre-install it ready for you on your SuperCali Linux package. Read More...

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